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WordPress Plugins

I did a few plugins for WordPress and they are all published on the main WordPress plugins repository, check it out…


21 SEP 2011

Not happy with the WordPress default gallery – so created a plugin to make it cool, inspired by the Google+ photo album it is just that…

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26 AUG 2011

An enhanced theme editor plugin for WordPress with a tree view of all theme sub folders and the ability to download files and also download the whole theme as a ZIP file…

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01 JUN 2011

This plugin Re-directs users to specific language landing pages that have been created by the WordPress Admin, this will identify the language local the user is using and will try to server the appropriate pages…

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13 MAY 2011

A plugin I have created for WordPress that gives you a nice layout of all your pages in the system and allows you to quickly add more; this is ideal for bulk creations of site hierarchy and maps in seconds…

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