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About Me

Hi, My name is Dagan Lev I am a Computer Programmer and currently am working as a full time Senior Web Developer at Hotscot and also as a part time Freelance solution developer running Solid Code.

The tools of my trade

Communicating with machines is an essential part of being a programmer, and although there is much more to it, I am fluent in the following:

  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX
  • PHP / WordPress (Themes and Plugins)
  • MySQL / MSSQL / MS Access
  • ASP.NET / VB
  • FLASH / Action Script 2.0
  • FireWorks / PhotoShop / Eclipse / Visual Studio

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A little bit more about me

Machines always fascinated me, ever since I was a young boy, and finding out what makes things tick is a passion of mine… so it was only natural for me to choose a profession that does exactly that.

I Love puzzles, riddles and challenges. Problem solving comes naturally to me, combine that with a good understanding of languages and you got yourself a “Computer Whisperer”

That’s basically me, if you managed to read all this I commend you, why not check out the rest of the blog using the navigation above.