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Upper Achintore Primary School

The school needed a website which will serve as a platform for both teachers and pupils to be able to communicate with parents.

With quite a lot of information on the site, it was imperative that the subject does not become “boring” and people loose interest – in that respect we elevated WordPress as a BLOG and allowed specific logins for each class/teacher where pupils can write their own material and with the teachers upload it to the website as individual posts.

Those are categorised (using the WordPress categories) allowing parents quick access to the information that matters most (their child progress) – however we also allowed for a two level page structure giving the head master the flexibility to accommodate for all the  set/static information like; School dress code, Meals, policies, etc…

The School is also up for renewal, with a new build to take place somewhere in 2013/14 so a section was created specifically to promote the new build and any information relating to it.

Along side the static pages there are links to the BLOG categories allowing users to get updated with the latest on each section.

With a simple design this looks like a good recipe for collaboration between parents, pupils and teachers…

You can visit the site by clicking this link


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