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DGallery WordPress Plugin

Although I love the ease of which WordPress allows you to create image galleries in the backend and assign them to posts and pages.

The actual result on the front facing website of the image gallery usually lacks excitement…

I have created the DGallery WordPress Plugin to do just that, it uses the regular galleries generated in WordPress and dresses them nicely with a jQuery script to resize the images to fit the width of the content in which they were created in.

This was inspired by the Google+ photo album which shows in almost the same manner (but about 10 times better) – although in their case most of the images get processed (and cropped) on the server – this plugin delivers the images as is – and uses jQuery to do some moderate resizing to fit.

By specifying the number of images per post (in the regular manner) the script will try to fit the “medium” sized images in to that requirement.

You can see below a demo of 12 images to fit 3 in a row – and I am also using the “Fancybox for WordPress” plugin to show a nice popup of the images:


  • Anonymos
    25/09/2011 14:49

    I like this gallery; however, I am not able to implement in WP. Is there file size restrictions or other guideline. I must admeit that I can’t get the regular WP gallery to work either. I have the latest WP.

    • admin
      25/09/2011 16:38

      Hey there,
      All you need to do is activate this plugin and then upload a gallery to any page or post – you can view this link that explains how to use the regular built in gallery feature on WordPress:


  • Rakhshanda Frazer
    01/10/2011 22:41

    Good post there. Keep up the great work.

  • ricardo
    08/03/2012 01:01

    i created the gallery to a page and the this plugin is activate, but dosent work ?

    any idea?


    • admin
      08/03/2012 08:45

      Hey Ricardo,
      Did you use the regular gallery functionality on WordPress??? or a third party plugin, as the plugin only works with the native WordPress gallery.

      The plugin also relies on JavaScript, so make sure you do not have any conflicting JavaScripts on this page…

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